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Online Celebrity Management, Online Identity Management and Personal Repudation Management

Online identity management (OIM) also known as online image management or online personal branding or personal reputation management (PRM) or Online Celebrity Management is a set of methods for generating a distinguished web presence of a person or celebrity on the Internet. That presence could be reflected in any kind of content that refers to the person, including news, gossips, day to day events, participation in blogs and forums, social media platforms, personal web sites, social media presence, pictures, video, etc.

Online identity management also refers to identity publicity and identity disclosure, and has particularly developed in the management on online identity in social network services or online dating services or worldwide web presence on different online platforms.

One characteristic of the online identity management process has to do with improving the quantity and quality of traffic to sites that have content related to a person or celebrity. In that feature, Online Identity Management is a part of another discipline called search engine optimization with the difference that the only keyword is the person's name, and the optimization object is not necessary a single web site; it can consider a set of totally different sites that contain positive online references. The objective in this case is to get high rankings or top 10 rankings for as many sites as possible when someone searches for a person's name. On the whole, our aim is to get Top 10 rankings for the person or celebrity on various available top search engines like Google, AOL, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Another feature has to do with impression management, i.e. "the process through which people try to control the impressions other people form of them". One of the objectives is in particular to increase the online reputation of the person. We create an aura of the celebrity around the world through all avant-garde online tools for creating his or her reputation, brand and status.

Online identity management also involves participation in social media sites like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Daily Motion, Twitter, Twitxr, Myspace, Instagram, Google+ and other online communities and community websites, and is related to blogging, blog social networks like MyBlogLog and blog search engines like Technorati.

Online identity management (OIM) is easy to understand but needs time & a combined effort to really get going. If you are an unknown personality or offline celebrity, you should know that there is need of a well-equipped personal, presence in all social media websites and top 10 rankings in all leading search engines for increasing online reputation, fame and status. It can magnetize, interact & transact with its visitors.

Anushri Pixel Media is a pioneer company in Online identity management (OIM) with proven records.

Why us:

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