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    Film Promotion

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Film Promotion

Anushri Pixel Media is a Film Promotion company based in India that provides Film’s internet promotion and marketing services in cost effective manner with latest technology and available online resources.

Film promotion is the method of promotion specifically in the film industry, and usually occurs in co-ordination with the process of film distribution. It is also known as the press junket or film junket, film promotion generally includes digital promotion, internet promotion, press releases, paid and organic advertising campaigns, film based merchandising, radio and TV promotion, other media medium and interviews with the important people involved with the making of the movie like actors, actresses and directors.

As with all business it is a significant part of any film release because of the inborn high financial risk; filmmaker, film producers and film studios will invest in costly marketing campaigns to make the most of revenue early in the release cycle. Marketing budgets tend to equal about half the production budget. Publicity, Advertising and Promotional Activities is normally sponsored by the distributor and exhibitors.

In reality, the film promotion or publicity is the combination of the latest technique and tools such as below given:

Internet or Online Promotion: In Internet or Online Promotion includes Virtual relationship hyperlink marketing (wherein a major search engines (like Google, yahoo, bing, AOL’s main page) offers articles seemingly presenting interesting news related films, but which are actually back-end loaded with a links page containing multiple "mental references" to film and film related content as characters, storylines, directors or products), Creation of standalone film website such as www.moviename.com, Online digital film screeners (These digital film screeners have the benefit of letting you send individual copies of your film or a promo to the press, sales agents, distributors etc.), Viral marketing (free distribution of trailers on movie-oriented websites and video user-generated-content websites, and rapid dissemination of links to this content by email and blogs. Also includes alleged leakage of supposed "rushes" and "early trailers" of film scenes.), Creation of Internet Marketing campaign using Paid Advertisement, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing etc.

In Theatre Promotion: In Theatre Promotion include as schedule film based Trailers (10 seconds to 3 minutes promo or trailer which is based on film synopsis, songs, star cast and film dialogues) between a other movie show in theatre, Film Posters and Movie Stills display in theatre’s display area, Standees of film and its characters in corridor of the cinema hall, Cardboard 3D displays with film’s unique sound etc.

Television and Radio Promotion: In TV and Radio Promotion include buy paid advertising on TV and Radio, Product placement (paid active or passive insertion (film posters, action figures, Characters) of film in TV Shows, reality shows or as passing mentions in dialogue), Extended Placement (full episode of TV show or Radio Show is devoted to compensated exposure of the film, stars, clips and director), Airing of interviews with actors and directors on TV and Radio, Making of the song and film in documentary style video on TV, Advance Trailers and Behind-the-scenes footage on TV and Radio.

Print Promotion: In print promotion includes Paid advertisement in newspapers and magazines, Cross-promotion of original book or novelization on which film is based on, Comic special film based editions or special episodes etc.

Film Based Merchandising: In film based merchandising includes promotional giveaways or goodies such as film based T-shirts, Playing Cards, drink cups, toys, film related specific properties (as star cast clothes, sports wears etc.) distribution through contest, food combinations with film based toys at fast food chains etc.

Promotional tours and interviews: Promotional tours and interviews include film actors, directors and producers appear for television, cable, radio, print and online media interviews, which can be conducted in person or remotely. During film production, these can take place on set. After the film's premiere, key personnel make appearances in major market cities or participate remotely via satellite videoconference or telephone. The purpose of interviews is to encourage journalists to publish stories about their "exclusive interviews" with the film's stars, thereby creating "marketing buzz" around the film and stimulating audience interest in watching the film.

The promotional tours are extremely demanding. Key cast and crew are often contracted to travel to several major cities around the world to promote the film and sit for dozens of interviews. In every interview they are supposed to stay "on message" by energetically expressing their enthusiasm for the film in a way that appears candid, fun, and fresh, even though it may be their fifth or sixth interview that day. They are expected to disclose just enough juicy "behind-the-scenes" information about the filmmaking process or the filmmakers' artistic vision to make each journalist feel like he or she got a nice scoop, while at the same time tactfully avoiding disclosure of anything truly negative or embarrassing.

Anushri Pixel Media offers internet promotion marketing services for film in such a way that it gets maximum benefit for your need to reach target groups or viewers. We support you get noticed worldwide as we have the experience and experts in promotion or internet marketing who will help you to achieve top 10 ranking in major search engines and directories for your film and its website, campaign and content.

Anushri Pixel Media has a distinctive idea and an expertise to promote your film worldwide on leading search engines through latest technology and tools of internet networking and marketing. We have specific tools for specific type of networking and marketing for your requirements such as Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.), Social Media Blogs (Wordpress, Blogspot, etc.), Content Sharing Website (Wikipedia), Video Sharing Platforms (Youtube, Daily Motion), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Adsense, Adworld, Directory Submission, Link Exchange (Paid/Unpaid), Banner Advertising, E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Interactive advertising, Display advertising, Cost per impression, Paid inclusion and web mobile application like whatsapp, we chat, hike, gupshup etc.

Anushri Pixel Media is a pioneer company in Film Promotion and Marketing with proven records.

Why us:

- Low in cost, high in result with committed time
- Film’s worldwide promotion and marketing through latest technology and tools
- A team of professional internet promotion and marketing experts with peerless technical know-how

If you are interested in our Film Promotion and Marketing services, please mail us at info@anushrimedia.com.

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